Speak Spanish like a "Local"... not a "Loco"

Do you know Spanish but don't have anyone to practice with?

Do you want to improve your Spanish speaking skills?

Are you looking for a new, fun and exciting activity that you can do as a family?

Then, El Maestro is the right place for you!

How does it work?

El Maestro approach is very simple but effective. El Maestro offers a 90% conversation based curriculum rather than just books and boring lessons. Now's the perfect time to practice your Spanish!

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We cater to families. The coaching sessions are taught in a friendly, family oriented online environment. There are no limitations on how many family members can participate in a single coaching session. Bring your entire family together to learn Spanish so that you all can have someone to practice with.

Have fun with your family while enjoying a new and unique activity together. El Maestro offers you and your family the opportunity to practice and sharpen your Spanish speaking skills together in no time.

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El Maestro system is simple, fun & interactive

Learn everything there is to know about the Mexican culture…from food to entertainment to the language. Something other Spanish classes may not teach.

Feel comfortable going on your next family vacation to Mexico, knowing how to speak like a local... not a loco.

Learning a new language can be fun and exciting. However, if you’re unable to practice, it can be forgotten.

El Maestro doesn’t let you or your family forget.

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